, 2 March 2019 - 16 March 2019


Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Revenue and Capital Budget Update 2018/19 – 2019/20 ref: 1077307/03/201921/03/2019Call-in expired
Southport Business Improvement District ref: 1077507/03/201921/03/2019Call-in expired
Medically Managed Residential Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Service ref: 1077407/03/201921/03/2019Call-in expired
Pre-Public Consultation for Townscape Heritage project including supplementary documents of Management Plan and Activity Plan ref: 1076713/03/201921/03/2019Call-in expired
Formby Neighbourhood Plan ref: 1076612/03/201920/03/2019Call-in expired
Award of contract for an e-Consultation Management System. ref: 1076801/03/201901/03/2019Not for call-in
Empty Homes Plan 2019-24 ref: 1075306/03/201914/03/2019Call-in expired
Determination of 2020 Admission Arrangements for Sefton Primary Schools ref: 1075406/03/201914/03/2019Call-in expired
Determination of 2020 Admission Arrangements for Sefton Secondary Schools ref: 1075205/03/201913/03/2019Call-in expired
Asset Management Strategy and Asset Disposal Policy ref: 1075828/02/201928/02/2019Not for call-in
Revenue and Capital Budget Plan 2019/20 and Council Tax 2019/20 ref: 1076028/02/201928/02/2019Not for call-in
Capital Strategy 2019/20 to 2023/24 ref: 1075728/02/201928/02/2019Not for call-in
Robustness of the 2019/20 Budget Estimates and the Adequacy of Reserves – Local Government Act 2003 - Section 25 ref: 1075928/02/201928/02/2019Not for call-in
Membership of Committees 2018/19 ref: 1076128/02/201928/02/2019Not for call-in
Mayor's Communications ref: 1076428/02/201928/02/2019Not for call-in
The Prudential Code for Capital Finance in Local Authorities - Prudential Indicators 2019/20 ref: 1075528/02/201928/02/2019Not for call-in
Treasury Management Policy and Strategy 2019/20 ref: 1075628/02/201928/02/2019Not for call-in
Appointment of Local Authority Representatives to Governing Bodies of Maintained Schools ref: 1075105/03/201913/03/2019Call-in expired
Well Sefton - Tranche 3 Funding ref: 1075004/03/201912/03/2019Call-in expired