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Red Squirrel Conservation

21/04/2016 - Red Squirrel Conservation





(1)  Sefton Councils continued commitment to supporting the Lancashire Wildlife Trust in its work to conserve the Red Squirrel be confirmed;


(2)  that a process be established to allow the annual grant for Grey Squirrel control to be claimed by the Council and forwarded to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and;


(3)  as a part of this process, the Lancashire Wildlife Trust be requested to provide Sefton Council with an annual report and work programme by April each year.  


Reason for Decision:


The Rural Payments Agency has recently changed its method of paying out grants for Grey Squirrel control. This may have an impact on Red Squirrel conservation in Sefton if the Council does not claim the grant and forward the grant to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.



Alternative Options Considered: