Issue details - Corporate Risk Management

Issue details

Corporate Risk Management

Report to: Audit and Governance Committee
Date of Meeting: 5 December 2018
Subject: Corporate Risk Management

Report of: Chief Internal Auditor
Wards Affected: All
Cabinet Portfolio: Regulatory, Compliance and Corporate Services

Is this a Key Decision: No Included in Forward Plan: No
Exempt / Confidential Report: No


The Corporate Risk Register is presented to each meeting of the Audit and Governance Committee. Since the last Committee, the Corporate Risk Register has been fully updated, with one risk closed, one de-escalated, and one new risk identified.

The Corporate Risk Management Handbook has been updated and is also presented for its annual approval.

Members are requested to:

(1) Consider the updated Corporate Risk Register, in particular noting the nature of the major risks facing the Council, and the controls and planned actions in place to mitigate these.
(2) To approve the updated Corporate Risk Management Handbook.

Reasons for the Recommendation(s):
A robust system of risk management will assist the Council in meeting its identified objectives.

Alternative Options Considered and Rejected: (including any Risk Implications)

What will it cost and how will it be financed?

(A) Revenue Costs
There are no direct financial implications arising from this report. However, the Council benefits from the work of the section in reducing the impact and likelihood (and so the cost) of risk.

(B) Capital Costs
There are no direct capital cost implications arising from this report.

Implications of the Proposals:

Resource Implications (Financial, IT, Staffing and Assets):
There are no direct resource implications.

Legal Implications:

There are no legal implications.

Equality Implications:
There are no equality implications.

Contribution to the Council’s Core Purpose: The management of control of risk is a major enabler to the delivery of the Council’s core purpose as set out below

Protect the most vulnerable: positive impact

Facilitate confident and resilient communities: positive impact

Commission, broker and provide core services: positive impact

Place – leadership and influencer: positive impact

Drivers of change and reform: positive impact

Facilitate sustainable economic prosperity: positive impact

Greater income for social investment: positive impact

Cleaner Greener: positive impact

What consultations have taken place on the proposals and when?

(A) Internal Consultations

The Head of Corporate Resources (FD ) and Chief Legal and Democratic Officer (LD ) have been consulted and any comments have been incorporated into the report.

(B) External Consultations

No external consultation has been undertaken.

Implementation Date for the Decision

Immediately following the Committee meeting

Contact Officer: David Eden
Telephone Number: 0151 934 4053
Email Address:


The following appendices are attached to this report:

• Corporate Risk Register
• Corporate Risk Management Handbook

Background Papers:

There are no background papers available for inspection.

1. Introduction

1.1 Risk Management is defined as ‘systematic application of principles, approach and processes to the task of identifying and assessing the risk and the planning and implementing of risk responses’.

1.2 Whilst the process of risk management is routinely undertaken within the Council in a number of areas, both at a strategic level and operationally, it is recognised that there is scope to develop a more integrated risk management approach. This report seeks to continue the process of formalising a system of robust Corporate Risk Management, and embedding this into the organisation.

1.3 An updated Corporate Risk Register is presented at each meeting of this Committee. The Corporate Risk Register has been reviewed by senior officers so as to ensure that this reflects the most significant risks facing the Council, and shows how the Council is managing these. This should give members assurance that there is a robust corporate approach to the management of the most significant threats to the achievement of the Council’s objectives. The updated Corporate Risk Register is set out at Appendix A, for noting by the Committee.

1.4 At the December 2017 meeting of this Committee, the Corporate Risk Management Handbook was approved, and it was agreed that this would be presented annually for approval, following review. The Handbook, which is set out at Appendix B, has been expanded to provide enhanced guidance in the completion of risk registers across the organisation.

2. Key Developments

2.1 Since the September 2018 meeting of the Committee, the Corporate Risk Register has been fully reviewed and updated.

2.2 This has resulted in the addition of four new risks. No risks have been closed or de-escalated. The new risks are:

• Lack of progress in the Ofsted action plan. The risk has been added to reflect the progress on the implementation of the Ofsted action plan.
• Inadequate child and school record system. The risk has been added to reflect the current record system which is largely paper based.
• Insufficient Capacity within Commissioning to meet expectations.
• Failure to effectively implement new ASC Domiciliary Care Services.

Decision type: Non-key

Decision status: For Determination

Wards affected: (All Wards);

Decision due: 5 Dec 2018 by Audit and Governance Committee

Lead director: Head of Corporate Resources

Contact: David Eden, Audit Manager 2nd Floor Magdalen House, 30Trinity Road, Bootle L20 3NJ. Telephone number 0151 934 4053 Email:

Agenda items

List of background documents to be considered by decision maker

  • Corporate Risk Management  

Background papers