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Knife Crime - Liverpool City Region Approach

Meeting: 13/12/2018 - Safer Sefton Together (Item 27)

Knife Crime - Liverpool City Region Approach

To receive a presentation from Chris White, Localities Team Manager - South


Chris White, Localities Team Manager – South, updated on Merseyside Police’s continuing fight against knife crime that had been given a boost thanks to a new partnership set up with the region’s five local authorities.

Colleagues from Liverpool, Sefton, Wirral, Knowsley and St Helens, had pledged their time, expertise and influence to help Merseyside Police capture and develop important information about the causes, impact, cost and solutions to the problem of knife crime throughout the whole of Merseyside; representatives from each geographical area had been tasked with a different focus ranging from information gathering and improving community confidence to exploring how to reduce knife related injuries and the number of people found in possession of knives; and that it was hoped that through the sharing of vital information, raising awareness, improving communication and targeted messaging together with community focused interventions such as ‘designing out crime’ in key areas, stop-searches and the development of suitable programmes and education-based initiatives, the issue could be tackled more effectively.

Sefton Council was keen to be able to support the development of the pan-Merseyside Knife Crime Strategy; and was responsible for pursuing the element of the plan regarding the reduction in knife related injuries and offences as well as looking forward to working with colleagues to develop the proactive use of powers and legislation and to run collaborative operations across the city region.

Mr. White also referred to the investment Sefton had made in equipment to support our vibrant night time economy across the borough which had included the provision to businesses of knife wands that would ensure visitors to our busy town centres would feel safe and secure.

Andrea Watts, Executive Director, referred to the “Make Your Mark” survey undertaken by Sefton Youth Voice that sought the views of young people across the borough on issues affecting them and which they would like to be addressed; that 18,004 votes were cast and “End Knife Crime” received the highest number of votes; and that at a recent SYMBOL meeting (Sefton Youth Making Better Opportunities with Leaders) the “End Knife Crime” topic was endorsed as Sefton Youth Cabinet’s campaign for the forthcoming year.   



Chris White be thanked for his informative presentation;



the Head of Communities be requested to submit a further update to the next meeting of the Partnership on the actions being taken in Sefton and across the Liverpool City Region to combat knife crime;



the Head of Communities be requested to engage with the Sefton Youth Cabinet on their campaign for the forthcoming year to end knife crime; and



the Head of Communities be requested to liaise with the Chief Legal and Democratic Officer on the feasibility of imposing a condition on the granting of licensing applications requiring the provision of knife wands for use by SIA security staff.