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Social Prescribing

Meeting: 25/02/2020 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Adult Social Care and Health) (Item 53)

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Tracy Jeffes, Director of Place, NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group, plus a representative from Sefton CVS, to attend to give a presentation.


Further to Minute No. 21 (2) (b) of 3 September 2019, the Committee received a presentation from Tracy Jeffes, Director of Place, NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group; and Louise McDade, Programme Manager Living Well Sefton, Sefton CVS, on Social Prescribing and Social Prescribing Link Workers in Sefton. The presentation outlined the following:


·        What is Social Prescribing?;

·        National Guidance;

·        Collaborative Working in Sefton;

·        Social Prescribing in Sefton’s Place-Based Model;

·        Sefton Social Prescribing Group;

·        Role of Social Prescribing Link Workers (SPLW);

·        Model for Social Prescribing;

·        Not new in Sefton…;

·        The Sefton Approach;

·        The Sefton SPLW Service;

·        Diagram of Model;

·        Highlights of Progress to Date;

·        Making a Difference; and

·        Next Steps.


Members of the Committee asked questions/raised matters on the following issues:


·       The services/activities that people could be referred to were not identified. Were there any gaps?

Work was on-going to build on the Living Well Sefton model and offer support particularly around social isolation and mental health. Work with the community activities available would help to identify gaps.


·       Social isolation was a major issue. How could the effectiveness of social prescribing be measured?

The Office for National Statistics was responsible for the development and study of such measures. Measures could include assessing whether individuals were visiting their GPs less. Measures could also be considered as part of future contracts.




That the presentation be noted, and Tracy Jeffes and Louise McDade be thanked for their attendance.