Issue - meetings

Mayors Welcome

Meeting: 21/01/2021 - Council (Item 40)

Mayors Welcome


The Mayor took the opportunity to welcome Members to the remote meeting of Sefton Council and extended a special welcome to members of the public who were viewing the meeting online.  This meeting was being held using Microsoft Teams Live Events software.  A protocol for Members attending remote meetings had been circulated prior to the meeting and Members were respectfully requested to adhere to the protocol.


The Mayor advised all Members who were nominated Spokespersons or Movers and Seconders of Motions to turn their cameras off and mute their microphones when not addressing the meeting. The Mayor also advised that any of the nominated Spokespersons, Movers and Seconders of Motions who would like to address the meeting at any time should indicate by using the chat facility in Microsoft Teams and emphasised that the chat facility should only be used to indicate the wish to speak.


The Mayor further advised that all Members who were not nominated Spokespersons should turn their camera off and mute their microphone, and that they should only un-mute their microphone to confirm their attendance and to state how they wish to vote.  


The Mayor highlighted that during the meeting Members should indicate their agreement to an item in the usual way and in the case of an item not being agreed, a vote would be taken on the item. The vote would be taken by an officer asking each member in alphabetical order to indicate their vote. Members should turn on their microphones when it was their turn to vote but that there was no need to turn on their camera.