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Cabinet and Deputy Leader of the Council

Meeting: 20/05/2021 - Council (Item 13)

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Report of the Leader of the Council to be circulated prior to the meeting.




The Council considered the report of the Leader of the Council on the membership of the Cabinet.


It was moved by Councillor Maher, seconded by Councillor Fairclough and





(1)              it be noted that Councillor Fairclough was appointed as the Deputy Leader of the Council in May 2019 for a four year term of office or until such time as his term of office expires;


(2)              it be noted that the Cabinet comprising of the Members indicated below will hold office until the Leaders term of office expires, unless removed by the leader or for any of the reasons set out in Paragraph 4 (a) to (c) of Chapter 5 in the Constitution;

Cabinet (10)




Leader of the Council

Councillor Maher

Cabinet Member – Adult Social Care

Councillor Cummins

Cabinet Member – Children’s Social Care

Councillor Doyle

Cabinet Member – Communities and Housing

Councillor Hardy

Cabinet Member - Education

Councillor Roscoe

Cabinet Member – Health and Wellbeing

Councillor Moncur

Cabinet Member – Locality Services

Deputy Leader

Councillor Fairclough

Cabinet Member – Planning and Building Control

Councillor Veidman

Cabinet Member – Regeneration and Skills

Councillor Atkinson

Cabinet Member – Regulatory, Compliance and Corporate Services

Councillor Lappin


(3)              the Portfolios set out in Chapter 5 of the Constitution be amended and agreed with the Leader and be lodged with the Monitoring Officer as set out in Paragraph 9 of Chapter 5 in the Constitution; and


(4)              the Monitoring officer be authorised to make any consequential amendments to the Constitution arising from the matters set out above and all Members of the Council be notified of those changes in due course.  If necessary, any changes would be referred to the Audit and Governance Committee for consideration.