Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Joint Working Group
Tuesday 5th September, 2017 10.00 am

Venue: Bootle Town Hall

Contact: Mark Toohey  Tele: 0151 934 2274

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Apologies for Absence


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Minutes of the meeting held on *


Matters Arising from the Minutes


Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles pdf icon PDF 76 KB

Item is on the joint meeting as we currently have both HC & PH licensed although the vast majority are HC.


All WAV vehicle owners were recently written to explaining their vehicle would be put on a published list for the purposes of the Equality Act. Further guidance to drivers and owners needs to be finalised but the list will go live some time later this year.


Item raised by JM:


“To discuss a circular, dated 2nd August 2017, concerning Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles”


Item raised by RJ – see attached.


WAVs & draft guidance

Additional documents:


Waiting times

Item raised by JJ


“Thinking about the way forward in terms of one stop shops and the accessibility to current licence holders can you provide the numbers and waiting times for advisors. If there has been a big increase in numbers and waiting times (which is what I am hearing) then we should look at some type of appointment system for any new applicants to stem the flow and ensuring a reasonable response time to current holders when they attend the one stop shops”


Application fees

Item raised by JJ


“Application fees for new applications. Currently we have no fees for new applications. With any increase in numbers this would mean an increase in man power requirements which will put a strain on the system. I propose we introduce a one off fee to all new applicants to help fund the process. The fee would include the cost of running the testing and this would be on top of any disbursements incurred.“


Change to conditions

Item raised by PM


To discuss a change to conditions relating to drivers not returning equipment.



Item raised by RJ


DVLA & compliance certification


Please set out any procedure for transmission of a  vehicle licence / compliance certificate to the DVLA; recently the DVLA informed a licence holder that the issue of a fresh compliance notice is sufficient to continue a Direct Debit for road tax- nevertheless the DVLA commenced a compliance protocol.


Non payment pdf icon PDF 263 KB

Item raised by RJ


Non payment.




            A series of ‘SMS’ message from Merseyside Police.


The original police approved document presented to the trade group a number of years ago when the CPS /Police agreed its conclusions and the ‘Fraud Act ‘ notice issued by SMBC was         the result.


Co-operation with police authorities is essential.


The SMS messages copied relate to an incident where a passenger had insufficient money but who had interrupted his journey to visit  a shop!


Either police liaison or the regional officer in the Police Commissioner’s office should attend.


The content of the SMS messages is unacceptable across the trade.”


Additional documents:


Stanley Road

Item raised by CS


“Misuse of Stanley Road by unauthorised vehicles”



Update from Chair


Future service & staffing

Items raised by JJ


1)    Any update on one stop shops and the future of taxi licensing. When current contract comes to an end will we have a say on coming back in house as this would be better for the trade and more cost effective. A truly one stop shop just for licensing is much better idea and surely as we fund the running of it can we not have that instead?


2)    Any update on staffing within the team and proposals for going forward. Discussed previously and put on hold pending council policy and redeployment. 



Date of next meeting *

12th December, Southport


Any Other Business

In accordance with Minute No. 37 (iii) of the meeting of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee of 24 February 2003, other business may only be considered if agreed by the Chair and a majority of the trade and if it is of an urgent nature. i.e. requires consideration prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Joint Trade Working Group.