Agenda and draft minutes

Sefton Borough Partnership Operations Board - Tuesday 18th September, 2012 2.30 pm

Venue: One Vision Housing, Atlantic House, Dunnings Bridge Road, Bootle, L30 4TH

Contact: Mike Morris  Senior Committee Administrator

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Dr. J. Atherton (NHS Sefton), Graham Bayliss (Director of Corporate Commissioning, Sefton M.B.C.), Ian Fazakerley (One Vision Housing), Chief Superintendent Nikki Holland (Merseyside Police), Superintendent Kevin Johnson (Merseyside Police), Peter Morgan (Strategic Director – People, Sefton M.B.C.) and Roy Williams (One Vision Housing)


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Minutes attached


It was agreed that the Minutes of the meeting of the Operations Board held on 17 July 2012 be confirmed as a correct record.


Matters Arising

To consider matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting


There were no matters arising.


Feedback and Next Steps from Welfare Reform Workshop

Outcomes of the workshop held at the last meeting and progress update on partners’ workshop


Christina Jones reported on arrangements for a half day workshop to be held on Friday, 12 October at Linacre Mission, Litherland to consider the outcome of discussions held on welfare reform at the last Operations Board meeting.  The workshop would focus on the local context; the practical implications for key services; and possible mitigating strategies with a view to drafting a Mitigation Plan for future consideration.


Sefton MBC Budget Update

Opportunity to share latest budget position of the Council with partners – Information item


Margaret Carney reported that at its meeting on 13 September, the Cabinet had approved consultation on possible savings options amounting to just over £26 million, including thematic options requiring external consultation and engagement in the light of total required savings of £43.7 million over two years.  Full details were available on the Council’s website.  A two year budget plan for 2013/14 to 2014/15 was being considered and every selected savings option would require the approval of the full Council at its meetings on 22 November 2012 or 24 January 2013, with the deadline for approving a legal budget for 2013/14 being 28 February 2013.  Margaret urged members of partner organisations to participate in the consultation process.  Specific consultation would be undertaken in respect of savings options and even more targeted consultation where there is likely to be a specific implication for a particular organisation or service.  She and the Council were acutely aware of the possibility of cumulative impacts and unintended consequences.  She stressed the importance of providing comments and feedback, all of which would be submitted to Council Members to enable them to identify risks and consider mitigation actions wherever possible.


Church Ward Pilot

Chance to share information on pilot being planned for Church Ward picking up on some of the elements of previous work undertaken on behalf of the Operations Board around older people


Christina Jones gave a brief progress update on this pilot study into the possible reduction of social isolation among older people which the Operations Board had previously discussed.  Rob Pritchard and Phil Halewood asked for their organisations to be involved in the pilot study.  Angela White commented that the study constituted a significant project and involved £160,000 of external funding from the Department for Health for the necessary software.  Jo Beet added that Church Ward demonstrated really poor health outcomes, especially among the male population.


Margaret Carney believed that there were already some strong community network organisations in the area and she suggested that we should scope who was involved in time for the next meeting of the Board.


Jo Beet added that the Department for Work and Pensions were undertaking a great deal of research nationally into older job seekers.


Sefton Strategic Needs Assessment

Presentation by Sam Tunney on Sefton Strategic Needs Assessment


The Board considered a presentation by Sam Tunney entitled “Your Sefton” on the draft Sefton Strategic Needs Assessment 2012, which outlined the health and wellbeing of the residents of the borough.  Consultation on the draft document would be undertaken until mid-October, following which a draft Health and Wellbeing Strategy would be produced for further consultation with a view to publishing the final Strategy in April 2013.  Sam responded to questions posed following her presentation.


Think Family Litherland

Sign up to area approach


Jo and Georgina from the Venus Women’s organisation explained that they had recently discussed with Steph Prewett concerns they had about information sharing when multi-agency meetings are held to discuss the high incidence of domestic violence in the Litherland area.  They asked if the Operations Board would be willing to give its support to a multi-agency pilot approach to dealing with “bronze” case referrals in the Litherland area, which fits in with the “troubled families” agenda.   Margaret Carney asked Jo and Georgina to refer any specific problems relating to obtaining information from particular organisations to Steph Prewett to enable her to pursue the matter.  Margaret referred to local data-sharing agreements which were already in place and the Board agreed to support the pilot approach in Litherland in principle.


Multi-Agency Responses to Recent Gun Crime Incidents


Christina Jones outlined the official response to a recent gun crime incident in the Litherland area.  Initially, Police representatives met with residents to offer re-assurance, but this led to a local “Respect Day” being organised at very short notice, involving a lot of joint working between agencies which local residents had been asking for.  It was felt that a further such event would be helpful.


Rob Pritchard commented that this approach had been tried in the Toxteth area of Liverpool in two or three streets which were considered to be problem “hot-spots” for gun crime.  Although there was an improvement initially after such events, the effects usually tended to tail off after about six months.


Paul Holt understood that the Police operated an Organised Crime Group to deal with the most serious criminal activity, but he was not aware of any multi-agency group which focused on gang – related issues.  He understood that there were currently more incidents involving the discharge of firearms in Sefton than anywhere else in Merseyside at the moment.


Margaret Carney believed that there may already be a Police specialised group in place and that Peter Morgan had previously undertaken to seek confirmation about its role.  She stated that she would ask Peter if there was any update on this matter.


Jo Beet understood that Merseyside MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements) had recently focused on gun and gang crime.  However, Paul Holt indicated that MAPPA concentrated on the risk posed by previous offenders in the most serious categories and so would not deal with younger suspects who had no previous serious convictions.


Christina Jones agreed to contact Chief Superintendent Holland to obtain information about a pilot organised crime response project in Knowsley.  Margaret Carney agreed that we may be able to participate in initiatives which were already being planned.


Phil Halewood referred to the Travelsafe scheme which had been operating since 2003 and he offered to arrange a short presentation to a future meeting of the Operations Board.


Rob Pritchard felt that a more planned approach was needed and Paul Holt believed that we could build on existing partnerships and networks.  Angela White referred to the immediate aftermath of the recent murders in Southport which involved support for the community from faith groups etc.  Margaret Carney believed that we might consider 3 / 4 interventions a year which need not necessarily focus on environmental issues. Paul Holt stated that it would be beneficial to involve Joy Keenan of the Probation Service and Sergeant Gary Cook of the Police.


Rob Pritchard understood that similar initiatives in Liverpool and Knowsley were local authority – led.  Margaret Carney thought that it would be better if the whole of the Borough Partnership was involved in Sefton.


Other Business


Rob Pritchard reported that the Fire and Rescue Service was introducing a new policy in relation to responses to automatic fire alarm systems.  With effect from 31 October, the Service would not be responding to automatic alarms between 7.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. unless a specified system was in place or there was independent confirmation of a fire at the relevant premises.  Residential properties would not be affected at the moment and there would be a twelve months period of grace for premises such as hospitals.  Full consultation about this change had been undertaken.


Date and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 20 November 2012 commencing at 2.30pm


The next meeting would be held on Tuesday, 20 November 2012 at 2.30 p.m. at a venue to be confirmed.