Agenda and minutes

Sefton Borough Partnership Operations Board - Tuesday 19th March, 2013 2.30 pm

Venue: Town Hall, Bootle

Contact: Mike Morris  Senior Committee Administrator

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Apologies for absence were received from Dr. J. Atherton (Director of Public Health), Graham Bayliss (Director of Corporate Commissioning), Phil Halewood (Merseytravel), Paul Holt (Merseyside Probation Trust) and Rob Pritchard (Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service).


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Minutes attached.


It was agreed that the Minutes of the meeting of the Operations Board held on 22 January 2013 be confirmed as a correct record.


Matters Arising

To consider matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting


There were no matters arising.


Welfare Reform


Peter Morgan indicated that a City Region session on this subject had recently been held in Wallasey and a Partners Workshop session earlier this month built on progress made at a previous session.  Mitigation measures had been examined, however marginal they might be.  He thanked participants for their support at both events.  One of the priorities, financial inclusion, had led to a discussion on raising awareness of illegal money laundering and there had been a powerful presentation on threats, intimidation and violence.  Also, there was some sharing of progress which included the effective foodbank network which was being established across the borough.  The Cabinet had allocated some funding to help with tackling crime and a meeting was being held next Thursday to determine support for foodbanks.  Discussions with One Vision Housing and others were also being held to consider the localised provision of furniture and white goods recycling.  Peter felt that arrangements to replace the Social Fund would not be able to replace the D.W.P. Social Fund.  He believed that money should be re-directed towards sustainable support measures and that the infrastructure needed to be created to provide needy people with emergency financial assistance.


Steph Prewett stated that Sefton had been singled out for its best practice at the City Region event and that there would soon be information on our website about the development of Credit Unions.


Roy Williams commented that opposition to the Welfare Reform measures was starting to grow and he felt that partner organisations needed to consider how they could offer mutual support and ensure that the Press correctly reported the facts.  He believed that, in general, Sefton Councillors had been very supportive and liaison had been successfully undertaken with the area’s Members of Parliament.  Roy added that Alan Lunt, the Director of Built Environment, had been doing some work on the issue with housing associations and the situation was becoming increasingly challenging. 


Jo Beet stated that colleagues would be sent details of a welfare reform communications “toolkit” which had recently been published on the Department for Work and Pensions website.


Margaret Carney expressed the hope that partner organisations would consider key statements on welfare reform so that a consistent message was broadcast.  Angela White indicated that she had met with some of the equalities groups last week and they had expressed fears about discretionary housing payments.  Steph Prewett referred to the possibility of developing a “dashboard indicator” which was being done by Liverpool City Council.  She agreed to share details with Angela.


Gun and Gang Crime


Chief Superintendent Nicola Holland presented a paper summarising recent events in relation to gun and gang crime in the area.  An emergency meeting of the Multi Agency Response to Gun and Gang Crime (MARGG) group had been held that morning.  Media reporting today of the recent incidents had been reasonable and covered the wider issues.


Steph Prewett indicated that there would be a further MARGG group meeting tomorrow and a further meeting would also be arranged with the Police and Crime Commissioner in the near future.


Chief Superintendent Holland referred to co-operative work between the Police and One Vision Housing in the Marian Square area, Netherton with a view to terminating the tenancy of a particular resident as part of the wider strategy of dispersing gang members.


Steph Prewett reported that there had been about 40 partner organisations represented at the meeting this morning, together with a representative of the Crown Prosecution Service and it was important to establish a single point of contact for these organisations.


Community Resilience


Steph Prewett referred to the situation whereby the local communities were being asked to do more as the Council did less.  A recent City Region event had highlighted certain possible advantageous opportunities.  For example, Steph referred to the Hugh Baird College new-build scheme adjacent to South Park, Bootle.  Yana Williams indicated that the new building would be made available for community use, with a library, free sessions in literacy, I.T. skills, C.V. writing, careers advice, adult education, sports facilities, etc., together with a community cafe run by College apprentices and the Department for Work and Pensions would be offered a presence in the facility, if required.  In addition, links with South Park were being explored with a view to reducing anti-social behaviour by, for example, offering horticultural courses.  Margaret Carney offered to assist with any difficulties Yana was experiencing in establishing links with Council staff who were responsible for South Park.  Yana also stated that arrangements could be made for foodbanks to be located at the new facility, as well as everyday financial advice.  Yana also referred to the possibility of providing takeaway, low cost meals to supplement any foodbank provision.


Angela White commented that co-location of services was starting to happen and that it should lead to better use of resources.

Margaret Carney suggested that a special meeting of the Operations Board could be arranged in order to start to map out which initiatives could be taken forward.

Steph Prewett felt that much of the Council and Health Services investment had already been mapped.

Roy Williams doubted whether One Vision Housing had properly shared all of its existing community involvement.

Peter Morgan stated that two or three members of the Board could liaise to design a future session on the subject for all colleagues to participate in.

Angela White stated that although the voluntary sector was very well mapped, she was conscious of the possibility of introducing schemes such as community volunteers working on One Vision Housing gardens or Hugh Baird College horticultural initiatives.


Margaret Carney felt that one of the Board’s main roles was ensuring that any barriers encountered by colleagues were removed.


Health and Wellbeing Strategy Outcomes and Actions

Report to follow.


The Board received a presentation on the above from Sam Tunney.  She referred to the need to identify agreed actions over the next 6/12 months in order to achieve the specified outcomes.  The Strategy was being submitted to the Cabinet and full Council for approval.  Sam also circulated pledges made at stakeholder events and she referred to the need for partner organisations to consider how they can contribute to the outcomes.


Roy Williams indicated that One Vision Housing’s Community Development Team would be using the Strategy to assist in producing next year’s Development Plan and he would be happy for this to be shared with the Board.


Angela White referred to a really good social investment model which had been produced nationally and which might be useful in assisting with the formulation of actions.


Yana Williams referred to the Hugh Baird College Community Task Group which operated across the borough.  The Group consisted of level 3 students who provided various services and received credits which they could exchange for items of equipment which were related to their study courses.  Yana agreed to put Sam in touch with the organiser of the scheme, which was undertaken at very little cost to the College.


Angela White indicated that she was aware of Design students working on charity shop window displays.  Sam Tunney considered that it would be beneficial to develop a website to publicise some of these initiatives.

Angela also stated that there were quite a number of employee voluntary schemes already being operated by the Health and Safety Executive and other major organisations.


Yana Williams referred to the designated number of hours for enrichment for students at Hugh Baird College and the need to find work experience places for 2,500 students.  It would be a similar situation for Southport College and King George Vth College who were on the same funding stream.


Steph Prewett indicated that the Council was planning to co-operate with Her Majesty’s Prison, Kennet on arrangements for 200 inmates to work in the community daily.


Margaret Carney asked colleagues to feed in their thoughts before the next meeting of the Board.  Sam Tunney felt that it would be useful if partner organisations used the Health and Wellbeing Strategy in order to develop their own Service Plans.


Yana Williams indicated that she served on an E.U. Advisory Committee which considered funding for economic projects for the period 2014-20 which resulted in job creation.  She offered to liaise with Jo Beet, Sam Tunney and Steph Prewett with a view to submitting a report on this issue to the next meeting of the Board.




Paul Holt


Margaret Carney referred to the fact that Paul Holt of the Merseyside Probation Board would be retiring on 2 June 2013 and that she intended to send a letter of thanks to him on behalf of the Board.




That the Board’s appreciation of Paul’s contribution to the work of the Board be recorded.


Date and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting has been provisionally scheduled for Tuesday, 11 June 2013 commencing at 2.30 p.m., at a venue to be determined.


Subject to approval of the schedule of meetings for 2013/14, the next meeting would be held on Tuesday, 11 June 2013, commencing at 2.30 p.m., at a venue to be determined.