Agenda and minutes

South Sefton Area Partnership - Monday 26th November, 2012 2.00 pm

Venue: Town Hall, Trinity Road, Bootle

Contact: Olaf Hanson 

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Hardy and Caroline McGee.



Declarations of Interest

Members are requested to give notice of any disclosable pecuniary interest, which is not already included in their Register of Members' Interests and the nature of that interest, relating to any item on the agenda in accordance with the Members Code of Conduct, before leaving the meeting room during the discussion on that particular item.



No declarations of interest were received.



Election of Chair and Vice-Chair


The Partnership received nominations for the posts of Chair and Vice-Chair. Councillor Kelly nominated Councillor Hardy for the post of Chair and Canon Roger Driver for the post of Vice-Chair.  Canon Driver suggested that the election to the post of Vice-Chair should be deferred until the next meeting. A deferment would allow for the full membership of the Partnership to be given thorough consideration, following the identification of the Partnership’s priorities, which might need to be reflected in the selection of a Vice-Chair.




(1)  Councillor Hardy be elected as Chair of the Partnership;

(2)  The election to the post of Vice-Chair be deferred until the next meeting of the Partnership; and

(3)   Canon Driver be elected as interim Vice-Chair for this meeting.



Terms of Reference and Governance Structures pdf icon PDF 43 KB


Christina Jones presented her report on the terms of reference and the governance structures for the Area Partnership. She explained that the aim of the Area Partnership was to promote the wellbeing of the community area with regards to its economic, social, environmental and cultural development.


Attendees held a brief discussion regarding the Partnership’s Membership. Ms.Jones explained that the meetings of the group would be held on a quarterly basis; she went on to add that the Partnership could form specific sub-groups drawn from its wider membership, whose membership could be based on the need and aim of the sub-group.




That the terms of reference and the governance structures for the Area Partnership be noted and approved.




Workshop Session - Area Partnership Priorities pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Additional documents:


Ward profiles for the Linacre, Derby, Litherland, Ford, Netheron and Orrell, and St.Oswald wards had been circulated to members. The members referred to the profiles and discussed possible areas for the Area Partnership to select as priority areas and sub-groups to progress particular issues.


Reference was made to the impact of forthcoming welfare reform legislation. It was suggested that a sub-group be established to examine this issue. It was agreed that welfare reform would be a priority.


Steph Prewett suggested that were a number of on-going work streams whose work could feed into the Partnership and could run through the ‘Task and Finish Group’. However, there was a need to manage demand and be pragmatic about what both the Partnership and the Council could realistically deliver. Welfare reform would have a major impact on the community but we would not be able to mitigate all aspects of the legislation. Partnership members suggested sub-groups could be established to examine the differing aspects and impacts (such as food, clothing, benefits, housing and debt) of the forthcoming Act on the local community. It was noted that priorities and the themes therein could be overarching or short term and could be changed as particular projects were completed and other issues arose.


Ms.Prewett suggested that gang and gun crime could be another priority for the Partnership to consider. Members agreed that gang and gun crime should be added as a priority, but added that the priority should be extended to incude community safety ASB. Inspector Ross, Merseyside Police, confirmed that Bootle was classified as being a gun crime area.




(1)  Welfare reform be confirmed as a Partnership priority; and

(2)  Gang and gun crime (including community safety ASB) be confirmed as a Partnership priority.




Any Other Business


Angela White, Sefton CVS, informed members that the Community First Fund was now open to consider requests for grants from community groups.



Date of the Next Meeting

To discuss the time and date of future meetings.


The date of the next meeting was to be confirmed.