Agenda and draft minutes

Southport Town Deal Board - Wednesday 21st October, 2020 8.30 am

Contact: Rebecca Johnstone 

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Apologies were received from:

·         Greta Fenny

·         Marion Atkinson

·         Graeme Robson

·         Alex Hatchman


Declarations of Interest


Declarations of interest were received from:

·         James Brayshaw – interested in an undertaking in the future

·         Norman Wallis – declaration of interest given the sites involved

·         Mark Lawler - interested in an undertaking in the future


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Status Update


SW gave an overview of current status and feedback from the Towns Hub at the check and challenge session.

·         The bid reflects the breadth of the consultation, with an emphasis on young people

·         There are some distinct and transformational economic impact projects

·         Continue to focus on aligning with criteria, consultation feedback, financial viability & deliverability

·         The 3 Themes are: Strengthen visitor economy, diversify economy, infrastructure to underpin growth


·         Convention centre – includes animation of the marine lake

·         Visitor attraction – Pleasureland site and adjacent opportunities emerging

·         Coworking spaces

·         Public realm enhancements and wayfinding

Regarding Ainsdale – the feedback from Town Hub suggests it will not resonate in the same way and considering alignment with the criteria there are more impactful projects. The suggestion is that this does not need town deal funding – but will continue as a focus for the council, this also applied to other areas such as the train station and connectivity opportunities.


Project Updates


Convention and Events Centre


Mark Catherall presented overview of the background to the project

·         Naming of the venue and rebranding will happen in the future

·         OBC and RIBA Stage 2 design has been completed

·         Consultation with school age children has already commenced with the  designs

·         Evaluation in OBC of a range of options for the venue


Proposed option

·         demolition of exiting site and replacement with high quality landmark facility

·         1200 seat capacity

·         1500m flexible exhibition space

·         Would be able to accommodate up to 4000 people

·         Restaurant/café

·         Bringing life to the waterfront

·         Potential for E-Sports and linking up with education and start up’s


Water and lightshow

·         Extend a walk on pier into the lake

·         Tie in the venue events with the lake visuals



·         455,000 day visitors over a year

·         172,000 from outside the LCR – bringing bigger spend

·         £18.4 m on and off site spend

·         Would bring with it the need for better and new hotels


Potential match funding opportunities – LCR, Arts Council, Private Sector, other Government Funding


Incubation and co-working spaces

Gavin Quinn presented overview of incubation and co-working space projects:


·         Clear demand for this type of project from the consultation responses

·         4000m2 refurbished floor space

·         330 desks

·         Flexible space – demand is changing

·         Fits with vision

·         Integrates education and business

·         3 options for development of Crown Buildings

·         ‘Sliver’ is preferred model


·         Interlinked with Crown Building projects

·         Some feasibility work undertaken

·         Not a standard model – will be on an operated basis to deliver the services and support the growth of the economy


Visitor Attractions


Norman Wallis gave an overview of the development of his project ideas and reference to returning to roots and importance to the heritage and history of the town

·         Site will be low carbon, geo thermal, solar and wind power. The first carbon neutral theme park – working with LDP for this type of attraction and carrying out feasibility work

·         Working with an IP and cannot say who that collaboration is with

·         Enhanced year round offer, with hospitality, food and beverage offer


Michael Collins from LDP added to the presentation. LDP are market leaders in feasibility and performance improvement of leisure and visitor attractions

·         MCollins gave an in-depth overview of the project objectives and impacts




Public realm enhancements


Stephen Birch gave update of the project and its evolution over the prioritisation process under the transport workstream.

·         Need to understand cumulative impacts of projects.

·         Feedback from Cohort 1 is that we have to very specific on the access and public realm – they support and facilitate the success of the other projects


Development and delivery are the components

·         Development: feedback was positive and no other towns have looked at this, however, the criteria wants very specific projects

·         Delivery : improvements of links to and from the train station

·         Station entrance: Improve route toward marine lake (London street, Lord street junction, Promenade junction)

·         Pulling it together and looking more funding from LCR CA for this too

·         Signing and wayfinding system


Board agreed on bid structure,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 68.


Summary and Next Steps


SW summarised:

·         The board will see a final draft middle of next week.

·         Additional meeting can be organised

·         Graphic design support and comms is being organised


SW asked if the Board are comfortable with the shape of the bid being:

·         £30m STCC

·         £5m animation of the lake

·         £3m public realm

·         £4m Pleasureland enabling & feasibility works

·         Remaining on the incubator hubs


Spend on public realm enhancements to be finalised prior to submission




None raised.


Date of Next Meeting