Agenda and draft minutes

Southport Town Deal Board - Tuesday 12th September, 2023 8.30 am

Contact: Clare Wright 

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No apologies were received from Board Members.


The following officers sent their apologies for the meeting: Stuart Barnes, Heather Jago, Keith Molloy, Claire Maguire, and Andy Dunsmore.



Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interest were received.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting


No comments or amendments received. The minutes were approved as an accurate record of the meeting held on 10th May 2023.



Matters Arising


The outstanding matters arising are covered under the main agenda items.


Governance and Membership Matters




Membership Matters


No changes in membership since the last meeting. Website in the process of being updated with biographies of recently appointment members.


Action: CW to chase website updates on the membership pages.


Monitoring & Evaluation


The Monitoring and Evaluation forms were completed and returned by the DLUHC deadline of 9th June. A couple of adjustments were made to the template prior to submission and circulated to RF for information. The next cycle of monitoring will be due in December.


RF queried the timescales for this. CW confirmed the templates are usually circulated November with the deadline for submission early December. CW also confirmed DLUCH may be moving to an online reporting system, but no details have been provided yet.


Updated Processes


DLUCH have issued policy and process updates in recent months, in summary:


·       The Assurance Framework update was issued in June 2023

·       Project Adjustment Request Process updated in April and,

·       Branding update in August 2023


The main changes aim to streamline processes and include the Levelling up funded projects.


Towns Fund Conference


CW provided an overview of the Towns Fund Conference that look place in Manchester on 20th June 2023.


DLUHC opened the event with an overview of the Towns Fund programme so far, followed by case studies from partners and breakout sessions covering a range of topics.


The strategic regeneration case studies presented had varying themes. Blackpool from a wider regeneration and investment opportunities perspective, Hartlepool from a place making perspective, Sandwell in the West Midlands around economic regeneration and Swindon around their infrastructure.


The presentations also included lessons learned from Town Deal Boards with Glastonbury and Morley near Leeds showcasing their projects. They adopted very different approaches but both with the local priorities and community-based focus.


The breakout sessions gave attendees the opportunity to share lessons learned more informally covering topics which included Design, Project Management, Funding, Market Movements, Branding and CPO.



Project Updates


Project Updates


Building a Better Customer Experience


JS provided a project overview to the Board. The Building Better Customer Experience is based on 3 strands.


·       Strand 1. Training in the workforce. Target of 1500 interactions through the Council’s MyLearning platform, working with Sefton Council Workforce Development Team. The course modules for Training the workforce are currently in development and will be progressed throughout the Autumn and Spring Terms 2023/34.


·       Strand 2. Training for Jobseekers, incorporating 320 modules for new and existing learners, working in partnership with Southport College. To date, the pilot modules have been delivered to 68 learners and received positive feedback on the content, and delivery methods. The modules have enhanced skills and increased learners’ confidence levels. The module development was based on 7 key principles and look to roll out to larger cohorts later in the school year. JS also confirmed that Equality is embedded, and focus groups will be set up to ensure the modules are suitable for everyone. The next stage is to work with employers to customise the modules and promote the programme. 


·       Strand 3. Training for volunteers and age +19 unemployed. Working with Adult and Community Learning assisting 300 individuals.  The classroom content will be developed with a view to create digital content to reach a wider Sefton based audience. The Adult and Community Learning working with the Tourism Department to produce a timeline of events and link with volunteering opportunities.


MB was able to provide feedback on Strand 2 from the Colleges’ perspective. Feedback has been positive from both the learners and employers. Customisation has been key; being able to flexibly respond to different clients’ requirements, whilst maintaining the ‘Southport Standard’. Project outputs are ahead of the delivery plan targets and new learners will be enrolled later in the Autumn term.


Enterprise Arcade


CW provided an overview of the Enterprise Arcade. Contractor procurement is underway with tender returns being evaluated. The aim being to commence works this year and open late 2024.


RF queried the contract period. CW confirmed the programme will be reviewed with the selected tenderer, but time has been allowed for the complex services separation from the adjacent buildings.   


Les Transformation


SW provided a progress update on Les Transformations. The programme is being reviewed to minimise impact on the Christmas trade period. The detailed design is being finalised. Contractor procurement is also progressing. The team are looking to minimise the impact on residents and businesses. More detail will be provided at the next board meeting.


RF queried if the contractor will be on board this year. SW confirmed that this is the expectation.


AN asked for clarification on the detailed design and if the traffic impact assessment can be shared. SW confirmed this can be included in the project update in December.


RA queried if there will be an opportunity to review the deign proposals and if planning is required for the proposals.  Confirmation of the approvals can be provided in the next project update.


Action  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.






SW confirmed that the social value work is ongoing across the programme.

The council, as the accountable body, will provide interim updates.


The Council can provide FAQ style documentation for key project updates and assist Board members when engaging in the local community.


Agreed that Board Members will be provided with updates on projects for incorporation into existing comms and engagement by their organisations (e.g., schools newsletters).


Action. “Cheat sheets” to be provided comprising interim updates for Board Members on project progress, for Board Member use for own visibility and for internal and external communications by their organisations.





Southport Pier – PH recognised that although the Town Deal does not include wider regeneration projects such as the Pier, the proximity does have an impact. SW confirmed public updates will be provided at the earliest opportunity. He reaffirmed the Councils commitment to source the capital funding to make safe and a long-term revenue for future upkeep.


In relation to the discussion around communications RA queried if the website information was up to date.


Action: CW to review website information and update. 



Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on 12th December 2023.


The next meeting will take place via Teams on 12th December 2023, 08:30am.