Agenda item

Next Steps


SW opened up a discussion on feedback and views from the Board on their role going forward:

·         DM the Board is important to keep the enthusiasm we need to deliver  what we have put forward. There will be future funding opportunities available. Positive feedback being received from ministers and the progress we have made

·         RF advised that he has also received good feedback

·         MBasnett: Vital we keep this excellent Board together to support, inform, develop and constructively challenge where needed to drive this important programme forward.

·         RF: The next steps in the process are that Heads of Terms will be issued and Business cases to be submitted for each project, fast tracked businesses cases can be submitted. Developing the businesses cases will give focus and also targeting further funding

·         JB: The Board should carry on through next year with a clear purpose and goal

·         AB: The Board have achieved the first objective to submit the TIP – now time to look at the board and subgroups could be task and finish orientated to add focus

·         SW: There are some cross-cutting themes such as clean growth and skills. Also, keeping the conversation going through consultation and engagement to sustain the momentum gained – keep this through the voice of the Board rather than just the council

·         SW: The mechanisms for business case development will be on a case by case basis, depending on the project  but will be mix of internal and external resource and technical expertise where required. The board role wold be strategic/governance focused and oversight of the process

·         ML: hold the group until we get HOT's and review then. I agree with Mark & Damien the strength of our bid is the strength of the group. Be a mistake to disband at this point.

·         AH: From my perspective, we're moving into a new phase of this vitally important programme. Agree we need to keep the energy and momentum going. It's natural that new and different skills may be needed in this next phase, and we should adapt if that's the case, without losing any of the "magic" that have gotten us this far.

·         SW noted that projects have the project development costs built into the ask, but we will welcome any additional capacity funding if it is made available from MHCLG 

·         PH: The Board have a duty to see the projects through to delivery. Important to act on the oversight – the strength of our submission is that it is a partnership and not just the council or the private sector

·         PH: Do the Board deliver the other projects which weren’t in the submission?

·         RF: Continued communication between the Town Deal board and council required, and the wider conversation with the town and all stakeholders must continue.

·         RF: It is important to keep focused on business case development and delivery  


Agreed to hold next meeting in January based on the feedback on the TIP submission and at that meeting map out next steps, sub committees and next steps of business case development.


Continued consultation and engagement activities:

·         Build on the momentum we have

·         Shadow Board will be retained as this goes beyond the TIP submission. At the next meeting they will be asked to map out their role going forward

·         The opportunity is being developed working in partnership with Liverpool John Moore’s University for an undergraduate intern to work on a research project. The current proposal being to link in with Southport commuter students and the Enterprise Hub projects. ML and MBasnett both offered their support and expertise to this intern opportunity given the talent connection schemes they both have in place already. 

·         Schools engagement – want to continue this conversation and build on their involvement and enthusiasm

·         Public version of TIP – draft to be circulated before finalising.