Agenda item

Capital Funding for Short-term Assessment Unit

Report of the Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Health.


The Cabinet considered the report of the Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Health in relation to the capital funding for a short-term assessment unit.


The report detailed that Riverside Housing, who intended to purchase the site,  had proposed a redevelopment scheme consisting of 32 houses, 2 bungalows, 6 maisonettes and a 3-storey 90-unit extra care scheme.


The Council have requested that as part of the development a purpose-built short-term assessment unit for Sefton residents, be built to meet the Council’s needs which will be leased back on a long-term arrangement at a peppercorn rent for the Councils use.


Decision Made: That:



the Cabinet agreed and referred the request to the Council to approve the supplementary capital estimate of £2.58m for inclusion in the capital programme (subject to a satisfactory lease agreement with Riverside). The Council has an Adult Social Care Capital budget made up of Disabled Facility Grant underspend held in the Better Care Fund. This development is within the conditions of the DFG grant. This proposal when completed will satisfy all conditions on the use of DFG funds;



the Executive Director of Corporate Resources and Customer Services in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Regulatory, Compliance and Corporate Services be granted delegated authority to agree a long-term lease for the short-term assessment unit between Riverside and the Council, be approved;



the Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Health be authorised to undertake an open procurement exercise to procure the care and support provider who will meet the assessed care and support needs of those individuals who will reside within the new service, be approved;



the Executive Director of Social Care and Health in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care be granted delegated authority to make decisions with regards to the procurement process for the care and support service, service specification, contract duration, consultation approach and tender evaluation criteria, be approved;



the Executive Director of Social Care and Health in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care be granted delegated authority to award the contract and any permitted extensions thereof, beyond the initial contract period, be approved; and



it be noted that officers will report back to Cabinet seeking approval to the terms of the land sale to Riverside Housing once the negotiations and external valuation purchase price has been confirmed. This will take account of deductions for demolition and abnormal foundation works, and the completion of independent valuation to satisfy best value considerations.



Reasons for the Decisions:



(1)           The new service model reflects both local and national priorities to commission joined up health and social care services at place, that prevent hospital admission and support timely discharge from an acute setting, whilst improving outcomes for individuals accessing the service.


(2)           At present there are multiple commissioning arrangements in place, both in borough and out of borough, for some of the most complex individuals and the proposed new service model will enable us to commission a service that is focussed upon improving outcomes for individuals, whilst enabling the Council to achieve efficiencies through more cost-effective commissioning arrangements at place. 



Alternative Options Considered and Rejected:


1.       Do nothing – Continue to utilise current provision and out of borough placements which do not meet our needs and are financially unsustainable.


2.       Redevelop existing building-based provision – this has been explored and discounted as an option and refurbishment and redevelopment of a number of existing respite facilities would be at a higher cost and the technology and space standards could not be integrated due to age of buildings. In addition, there would be a need to identify alternative services/placements whilst this happened for an extended period.


3.       Design and build solely by the council would have an additional capital impact of £0.75m. By pursuing a partnership approach, we will be benefiting from the economies and capacity to deliver the scheme as part of the wider development.



Supporting documents: