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Motion Submitted by Councillor Corcoran - Tackling Transphobia


It was moved by Councillor Corcoran, seconded by Councillor Carlin:




Tackling Transphobia

This Council notes:

-                 There are many discussions in the media about trans rights – most recently this includes a question about the Cass Review (an Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People) in PMQs, discussions about safe spaces and sport suitability and an MP announcing a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

-                 The UK Prime Minister openly supported the LGB Alliance

-                 Media reports inciting moral panic have been proven to be disproportionate on multiple occasions. (Adele @ the Brits, Swimmer at Uni of Penn et al)

-                 The UK government announced a review of the Gender Recognition Act in 2017 but has failed to prioritise and deliver this despite calls from the community and successful reform in other countries.

-                 Hate crimes against the LGBT community are ever increasing, including those committed against trans people (and those perceived to be trans) - research in 2020 from Galop found four out of five respondents had experienced this.

-                 Trans people face physical and mental health inequalities - two in five young people who identify as trans have attempted suicide.


This Council celebrates:

-                 Chesterfield High School is a Stonewall Champion School.

-                 Sefton Council is a borough for everyone and regularly recognises significant days such as IDAHOBIT.

-                 Trans Health Sefton was launched in November 2017 and developed into Cheshire and Merseyside Area Gender Identity Collaborative (CMAGIC) covering the Liverpool City Region.

-                 Sefton collaborating with Merseyside Police for Hate Crime Awareness Week.

-                 In May 2022 there will be a celebration of the LGBT community in Merseyside.


This Council believes:

-                 Trans men are men, trans women are women and non-binary genders are valid.

-                 Trans people deserve respect and autonomy.

-                 Transphobia is not only a violation of law but has a detrimental impact on the wellbeing of individuals.

-                 Trans rights and gender-based rights can co-exist.

-                 In the dignity of all people and their right to respect and equality of opportunity.


This Council resolves:

-                 To state publicly that trans rights are human rights.

-                 To continue to tackle prejudice, recognise and celebrate awareness days and share resources.

-                 To encourage Councillors to attend relevant training, particularly around terminology and respect and challenging transphobia.

-                 To commit to continuing to be welcoming, inclusive and respectful and ensure the Trans community have a voice so all needs are met, with a view to redressing inequalities faced as well as acknowledging the role of intersectionality.

-                 To support more schools to become Stonewall Champion Schools

-                 To echo celebration events throughout Sefton.



The dictionary definition of transgender is ‘denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.’  Gender is a term used for social constructs such as norms, roles and relationships whereas sex refers to biological and physiological characteristics.  The preferred umbrella term is trans.

Transphobia is defined as ‘dislike of or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people.’  There is legal protection against such discrimination and a trans person does not need to have undergone any specific treatment or surgery to be protected.  This can also extend to presumption of being trans.

Safer Sefton Together (previously Sefton Safer Communities Partnership) references in March 2021 meeting to CCG PEFF developing Transgender best practice guide.  Merseyside police community action group to refer to transgender advisory group.  SWACA also advised they would focus on best practice with the Trans community.  Chesterfield High are a Stonewall Champion School.

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Following a debate on the Motion the Chief Legal and Democratic Officer officiated a vote and the Mayor declared that the Motion was carried by 45 votes to 4 votes with 4 abstentions.


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