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School Streets

29/07/2021 - School Streets




The choice of schools be approved for which potential school streets measures will be developed.


Reasons for the Decision(s):


The Council has received an offer of funding from the Department for Transports Active Travel Fund , through the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority for £60k of revenue funding and £40k of capital funding to be spread across 3 schools linked to proposed walking and cycle improvement proposals in Southport.


As LCRCA identified extension to a North-South cycle route in Southport as a recipient of Active travel funding, the schools selected are all potentially served by this route.


The funding is expected to be expended by March 2022 and sufficient time is needed to work with the schools to understand the current issues, gather sufficient data, review and trial possible options.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected: (including any Risk Implications)


It is acknowledged that there are other schools within Southport for which a School Street approach could be developed. However, the three schools identified are all linked or impacted by the proposed north south Active Travel Route.