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Procurement of Schools Management Information System

30/07/2021 - Procurement of Schools Management Information System



The Executive Director of Corporate Resources and Customer Services be authorised to direct award a new contract for SIMS with Education Software Solutions Ltd using the KCS Software Products and Associated Services 2 (Y200011) Framework for a period of 3 years.  A true-up is carried out each year so the Council doesn’t commit to purchasing licences which are not needed by schools.


Reasons for the Decision(s):


To enable the continued use of SIMS in schools which is an essential software application for their administration and management.



Alternative Options Considered and Rejected: (including any Risk Implications)


To provide schools with an additional and alternative Management Information System (MIS), known as Arbor.  As detailed further into this report, schools were consulted with but there was a low response rate to which only a few schools notified the Council that they would consider using this product.


There is no risk to the Council in not providing the Arbor product.  Schools who currently use it will continue to do so by buying the product directly from the supplier and schools who are interested in using it would also simply buy it direct from the supplier.


Tiered discounts are available if the product is bought in bulk by local authorities with these discounts remaining unavailable to schools at the moment.  The decision could be revisited in the future however if there was greater interest shown by schools for the Arbor product.