Register of interests

Cllr. Iain Brodie - Browne

0. I, Cllr. Iain Brodie - Browne a Member of the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton give notice that I have the following disclosable pecuniary and personal interests

1. Please state you (and your partner’s) employment, trade, profession or vocation
Description of Employment Activity
Self: Retired
2. Do you or your partner have land or property in Sefton?
Address / Details of Land
27 Dunkirk Road, Birkdale, Southport. PR8 4QZ
3. Do you or your partner have any corporate or business tenancies of land in Sefton where the Council is the landlord?
Address / Description
4. Do you or your partner have any licences to occupy land in Sefton for a month or longer?
Address / Description of Land
I have allotment No 128 on the Birkdale Irrigation site.
5. Have you or your partner received payments in respect of your Council duties or election expenses?
Name of Body which made the payments
Election expenses were paid by Southport Liberal Democrats (Birkdale Ward)
6. Do you or your partner have any beneficial interest in Securities?
Name of Body
7. Do you or your partner have any contracts with Sefton Council?
Name of Company Description of Contract
8. Do you hold membership of a Public Authority to which you were nominated by your Local Authority?
Name of Public Authority Position
9. Do you hold membership of any organisation exercising functions of a public nature?
Name of Organisation Position
Farnborough Road School School Governor (Co-opted)
10. Do you hold membership of bodies influencing public opinion or policy?
Name of Body Position
Liberal Democrat Party Member
Southport Liberal Democrats Member
11. Do you hold membership of companies directed to charitable purposes?
Name of Body Position
Birkdale Community Hub and Library Volunteer
12. Do you have any easement, servitude, interest, or right in or over land, which does not carry with it a right for you (alone or jointly with another) to occupy the land or to receive income?
Address / Description of Land
13. Have you received a gift or hospitality from any person or body with an estimated value of at least £50.00?
Gift or Hospitality Name of the Person/ Organisation/ Date Received