Title Date Effective from Call-ins
SEND Joint Commissioning Plan31/01/2023For Determination  
Adult Social Care - Supported Living, Strategic Approach and Commissioning31/01/2023For Determination  
Placements North West - Children's Social Care Service Provision31/01/2023For Determination  
Park & Ride Bus Contract31/01/2023For Determination  
Parking & Environmental Enforcement Contract31/01/2023For Determination  
Crosby New Library31/01/2023For Determination  
Annual Health and Safety Report31/01/2023For Determination  
Provision of Liquid Fuels31/01/2023For Determination  
Council's Insurance Provision31/01/2023For Determination  
Proposed 20mph speed limit - Bartons Close; Beverley Close; Harrogate Way; Ilkley Avenue; Skipton Avenue and Whitby Avenue, Southport. ref: 1143626/01/202304/02/20230
Consolidation of Traffic Regulation Orders, Various Boroughwide ref: 1143526/01/202304/02/20230
Consolidation of temporary waiting restrictions - various roads in Crosby and Formby ref: 1143426/01/202304/02/20230
Dover Road, Maghull - proposed Disabled Parking Places ref: 1143326/01/202304/02/20230
Draft Conversions to Flats and HMO Supplementary Planning Document - additional section ref: 1143225/01/202303/02/20230
Appointment of Local Authority Representatives to Governing Bodies of Maintained Schools ref: 1142923/01/202301/02/2023Call-in expired
North West Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme Pre- Procurement Report - Vertical Aerial Photography ref: 1143123/01/202301/02/2023Call-in expired
Renewal of Council Card Payments system ref: 1143023/01/202301/02/2023Call-in expired
Adoption of Supplementary Planning Documents and Planning Information Notes22/12/2022For Determination  
Procurement of Fleet and Machinery for Green Sefton22/12/2022For Determination  
Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy22/12/2022For Determination  
Climate Emergency Update report30/11/2022For Determination  
Financial Management 2022/23 to 2024/25 and Framework for Change 2020 - Revenue and Capital Budget Update 2022/23 - March Update30/11/2022For Determination  
Sale of Ainsdale ATC and the Meadows Ainsdale31/10/2022For Determination  
Land at Foul Lane, Southport30/09/2022For Determination  
Council Housing Business Plan30/09/2022For Determination  
Enterprise Arcade31/08/2022For Determination  
Bootle Regeneration Strategy29/07/2022For Determination  
Emergency Temporary Accommodation Project31/05/2022For Determination