, 10 August 2019 - 24 August 2019


Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Business Rates - Discretionary Retail Discount ref: 1087323/08/201903/09/20190
Application for Discretionary Rate Relief ref: 1087423/08/201903/09/20190
Application for Discretionary Top Up Rate Relief ref: 1087523/08/201903/09/20190
Application for Discretionary Top Up Rate Relief ref: 1087623/08/201903/09/20190
Application for Discretionary Rate Relief on the grounds of Hardship ref: 1087723/08/201903/09/20190
Council Tax - Empty Homes Discounts ref: 1087823/08/201903/09/20190
Food Law Enforcement Service Plan 2019/20 ref: 1087923/08/201903/09/20190
Employer with Heart Charter ref: 1088123/08/201903/09/20190
Residential Ground Rents Portfolio ref: 1088023/08/201903/09/20190
Annual Health and Safety Report ref: 1088223/08/201903/09/20190
Revocation of waiting restrictions - Sterrix Lane, Litherland. ref: 1086623/08/201903/09/20190
St James Street, Southport - Proposed Limited Waiting restrictions. ref: 1086723/08/201903/09/20190
Bridge Street, Bootle - Proposed changes to waiting restrictions. ref: 1086823/08/201903/09/20190
Section 116 Highways Act 1980 -1 Gordon Avenue, Southport. ref: 1086923/08/201903/09/20190
Proposed Resident Parking schemes in May Street, Kara Close and Hawthorne Road, Bootle ref: 1087023/08/201903/09/20190
Minor works process : delivery process and charges ref: 1087223/08/201903/09/20190
Section 38/278 Highways Act 1980 - Runnells Lane/Edge Lane, Crosby. ref: 1087123/08/201903/09/20190
Proposed Temporary Closure of Liverpool Road South, Maghull ref: 1086521/08/201930/08/20190
Award of Contract for the Provision of Care and Support at James Horrigan Court Extra Care Scheme. ref: 1086421/08/201930/08/20190