Meeting attendance

Tuesday 19th October, 2021 6.30 pm, Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Adult Social Care and Health)

Venue:   Town Hall, Bootle

Contact:    Debbie Campbell
Senior Democratic Services Officer

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Cllr. Carla Thomas Chair Present
Cllr. Greg Myers Vice-Chair Apologies
Cllr. Iain Brodie - Browne Member Apologies
Cllr. Linda Cluskey Member Present
Cllr. Sean Halsall Member Present
Cllr. David Irving Member Absent
Cllr. Terry Jones Member Apologies
Cllr. John Joseph Kelly Member Present
Cllr. Nina Killen Member Present
Cllr. Michael Roche Member Absent
Cllr. Robert Brennan Substitute Member Apologies
Cllr. Dr. John Pugh Substitute Member Apologies
Cllr. Joe Riley Substitute Member Apologies
Brian Clark, Healthwatch Member Present
Roger Hutchings, Healthwatch Member Absent
Cllr. Paul Cummins Guest In attendance
Cllr. Ian Moncur Guest In attendance
Dwayne Johnson Officer Expected
Deborah Butcher Officer Expected
Margaret Jones Officer Expected
Fiona Taylor Officer Expected
Stephen Watson Council Staff Expected
Lauren Sadler Officer Expected
Diane Blair, Healthwatch Officer Expected
Debbie Campbell Secretary Expected
Lyn Cooke Officer Expected
Chrissie Cooke, Chief Nurse Officer Expected
Michelle Diable Officer Expected
David McCullough Officer Expected
Lisa Whittingham Officer Expected
Eleanor Moulton Officer Expected
Alisa Nile Officer Expected
Alison Marsall Public Expected
Sue Brisco Secretary Expected
Olaf Hansen2 Officer Expected