Meeting attendance

Tuesday 27th January, 2009 10.00 am, Licensing and Regulatory Committee Spokespersons with Representatives of the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Trade

Venue:   Southport Town Hall

Contact:    Ruth Appleby

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Barry Griffiths Chair Expected
Cllr. Richard Hands Spokesperson Apologies
Cllr James Mahon Spokesperson Present
Cllr. John Dodd Member Apologies
Steve Johnston Officer Apologies
Andrew Naisbitt Officer Present
John Thompson Officer Present
Joseph Bridson Public Apologies, sent representative
Christopher Carr Public Present
Tony Crabtree Public Present
Eddie Davies Public Apologies
Lee Evason Public Absent
Mark Gregson Public Apologies, sent representative
Paula Hodson Public Absent
Joseph Johnson Public Absent
Thomas McIntyre Public Absent
Mark Sanders Public Present
Paul McLaughlin Public Present
John Murrison Public Apologies
Chief Inspector L. O'Donnell Public Absent
Jenny Philips Public Absent
Police Constable David Sandall Public Absent